2023 – Another Successful Year, Because of YOU!

It looks like we are headed for an early Spring… according to ‘Dunkirk Dave’ who did NOT see his shadow this year!   It would be fantastic to see tulips and daffodils soon, although living in WNY we know that winter can reappear at any time!

As we look back at 2023, we remain grateful for your support.  Your generosity has allowed us to surpass our goal enabling us to help fund the following key projects at AHN Westfield Hospital:

  • Resurfacing of Helipad
  • Siemens C-Arm imaging equipment
  • Parallel Bars for Physical Therapy department
  • New Chairs for Physical Therapy department
  • Diabetes Education supplies
  • CampViews computer software for summer camp for diabetic children
  • Replacement of flooring in hospital kitchen and pantry
  • 8 new state-of-the-art beds

Rural hospitals like ours are often overlooked in favor of larger, urban hospitals or research facilities, so we turn to you for extra help.  So, be assured that ALL funds raised by the WMH Foundation, stay here at AHN Westfield.

Thanks to you, we have supported the healthcare needs of your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and loved ones for more than 45 years and hope to do so for many years to come.

Partnering with WMH to provide compassionate care close to home is what we’ve always done.  It’s what we’ll always do.