Why We Matter

Why does the hospital need a Foundation when patients have insurance and the hospital is part of a network?

In order to offer our patients the high-quality healthcare for which we are known, we need to invest in upgrades to our facility, equipment, and services. New medical equipment and supplies are very expensive! Unfortunately, insurance payments and funding from the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) do not fully cover all of the hospital’s needs.

The WMH Foundation exists to help bridge some of the ‘gaps’ in the system via several different channels. We apply for grants through many different philanthropic foundations. Our Annual Campaign which runs from September through the end of December reaches out to over 11,000 households, businesses, churches, and service & civic organizations in the 14 communities we serve. Through the generosity of MANY donors, we have been successful in being able to help fund many projects over the years.

One of the largest endeavors was the Renovation of the Emergency Department (RED Campaign) which raised $750,000 and provided much-needed equipment and facility upgrades. Another huge undertaking was our 2021 Campaign focused on growing an endowment with a goal of 1 million dollars! Funds are held in a special account to ensure that WMH can continue to offer healthcare, close to home for many years in the future.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has put a strain on all parts of America’s vast, but fragmented healthcare system. And because these stresses are even more pronounced in rural communities such as ours, we recognize the importance of funding the WMHF endowment aptly named 'The Little Hospital That Could' in order to ensure quality healthcare for future generations.

Every project the Foundation takes on is important…whether it’s for kitchen supplies or state-of-the-art equipment. Every dollar you give is important as well and we never take that for granted. We know you work hard for those dollars and that you likely pay quite a bit for your health insurance, so in turn, we work hard to be good stewards of your money.

All donations given in support of our community hospital are used for that express purpose and are kept local in support of our mission. We partner with the hospital administration so that we always are striving towards one goal….to do our best to keep you, your loved ones, family, and friends healthy and safe. If you do become ill or have an injury, we will be here for you to assist in getting you back to good health.

Providing compassionate care close to home is what we’ve always done. It’s what we’ll always do.